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An effective method to discover your enneagram type is through a typing interview. While online typing assessments are quick and free, the best ones are only 65-70% accurate, can make you feel boxed in by the options, and provide no direction for growth. However, with a typing interview you will have any opportunity to express yourself fully and be heard!


The process will include reading a short description of each type, ranking the probability of each, and finally followed by an open ended discussion to determine the best fit. At the end of the session, you will be provided with a one page overview of your type for further consideration.

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This 5-session guided course will explore the different aspects of your personality. Through the course, you will better understand how and why you think, feel, and behave in particular ways. Each session will be one hour and a guide sheet will be provided specifically curated for your type. Leave each session with clarity, feeling supported, and prepared to apply what you are learning.


Christian Life Coaching is the process of partnering with believers to openly examine their lives and participate in the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit. During each session, expect to be asked insightful questions, supported in your responses, and encouraged to live more fully in Christ. 

While the insights of the enneagram will help guide discussion and examination, spiritual formation is the desired result. If you feel stuck, frustrated, or burnt out, Christian life coaching can provide the catalyst needed to grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ. 


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