Coaching Philosophy

Coaching is the process of helping clients identify goals, make a plan, and experience growth. However, whenever coaching has a basis in the Gospel and the goals are to help individuals become more Christlike, it becomes elevated to discipleship. Discipleship is the practice of encouraging sanctification, which means to become more Christlike. Discipleship can take many forms: following a bible reading plan, joining an accountability group, mentoring a younger believer, or even simply being present with someone.

My hope is to take a structured approach to discipleship to help believers be receptive to the movement of the Holy Spirit in their lives, take intentional action to be obedient, and to experience life to the fullest through being sanctified in the Image of Christ. Read more below about the process of coaching and the roles of the Holy Spirit, Client, and Coach in each step.

1 - Realization
Realize and acknowledge a part of yourself that needs to be more Christlike.
2 - Motivation
Why do you want to change? How would your life look differently?
3 - Discovery
What thoughts, feeling, behaviors, and beliefs need to be understood and altered to grow?
4 - Commitment
Do I really want to change? How much am I willing to change?
5 - Planning
What steps need to be taken to experience lasting growth?
6 - Action
Follow through with plan and adjust the plan as needed.